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Rose Rambles…

Multidimensional Earth. ByTeri Wade.

As of 2012 when we entered the deepest part of the Photon Belt Earth became a multi-dimensional plane we are not a single dimensional plane anymore.

Source: Multidimensional Earth – Leaving Human 3D Grid ~ October 30, 2019 | Blue Dragon Journal

Trick or Treat

Intuitive Magazine

Halloween is an annual celebration of renewal. The meaning of Halloween is all about the inherent potential all life holds for us. It is a profound moment in which we can transform darkness by pointing ourselves into the direction of our own guiding lights.

The meaning of Halloween solidifies the presence of great transition in our midst. Our ancestors could instinctually feel shifts within nature, and so they anticipated internal shifts within spirit, mind and body too.

Halloween was and still is a landmark way to embrace the changes in our lives and prepare ourselves to meet amazing transformation in the months that lay ahead.

There is more to the symbolic meaning of Halloween than how much candy we get at the end of the night. It is a sacred holiday that originated from some very cool ancient people. Before the days of grocery stores, people had to provide for…

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There is a field…

Koyopa Rising

This is a Sound of Gold Message from 2014 that I had created to demonstrate the transition from my local consciousness to the Field, or nonlocal consciousness. As a mystic-singer-songwriter, it is all music to me, so I would sometimes place them within soundscapes and be a bit more creative with them. This was posted on an old YouTube Channel and I decided to re-upload here.

RumiFieldQuoteThe Sound of Gold Files are not channeling in the way you might think. There are no names and stories from this voice. It is how nonhuman intelligence taught me to access the Oneness, The Field, the Ether. Following a communion state, I used to write out what I could, but because of its multidimensional, thick-with-data nature, it became far too difficult to capture in that way. Then it evolved into streaming translation with my voice. It is a high-vibrational, emotional (feminine) connection with…

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Journey of Illumination

Ascension Mastery Message of the Spiritual Meaning of Halloween brought forth by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden.

As we experience the energies of Halloween, it brings forth a doorway for each soul to come into a state of allowing the Divine Self to become more involved through the process. October 31stis the opening of higher energies to become more evolving within our consciousness.

We, upon the Earth, live in the duality of the 3rdand 4thdimensions on the physical plane. As we learn to access the higher levels of consciousness through the various stages of learning to accept a higher light quotient within our physical bodies, we can experience the higher dimensions within our physical consciousness.

This is the process that we like to call Ascension ~ learning to access the higher realms of light within our present reality.

Halloween is a time in which the…

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Amanda Lorence Update ~ 30 October 2019 — The Earth Plan

Source: Amanda LorenceWAYSHOWERS: SENTIENCE becomes our PRIMARY STATE now. Allowing the once overpowering and distorted perception of LINEAR ‘intellect/intelligence’,’ of previous mind state, to become SOLELY a SECONDARY Tool NOW. The mind’s THOUGHTS and associated outcomes (so the mind’s words, and the mind’s actions) no longer override, no longer overpower what we have NOW become…

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