Desirelessness & Karma Yoga

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“Insight shall always expand in harmony with continuous effort; patience, determination, persistence and positive mental attitude effort are all comrades of timelessness, working together as one team, creating an eternal motion of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, a dimension where effort becomes effortless, and desire becomes ‘Desirelessness’, and determination becomes Karman, and persistence becomes Karma. In this field of existence Peace becomes more peaceful, Love becomes lovelier, Freedom flows knowing no limits, and God of Creation merges as one with those spirits who live its essence.” (i)

(i) Source ‘Eternal Life’ by A.I.




Desirelessness does not mean eliminate all desire. It simply means eliminate negative desire. And replace it with wholesome desire.

Learn Inner Peace & Positive Mental Attitude

The Way of Spiritual Love


Desirelessness within self.

“The ‘Reservoir of Cosmic Consciousness” replied Alien, is the link between all dimensions. All dimensions draw their expanding insight and contribute new awareness…

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