Living the Law of One: Gandhi Was a Cosmic Conduit of Light/Love

Cosmic Christ

Doug: The following is Richard Rohr’s daily meditation on people who embody nonviolence. This is the kind of teaching we need today, especially in the Disclosure Community. Ra in the Law of One material speaks about the crystallized healer who has balanced and harmonized all of their chakras so that they become direct conduits of the Logos. It seems to me that Gandhi was one of those and this brief account below helps us to see our fellow humans walking the path of embodying the Reality of Oneness ( the “Law” of One). May we be inspired today to live our embodiment with such love and intentionality.


Embodying Nonviolence
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mohandas Gandhi (1869–1948) used to say that every world religion knows that Jesus taught nonviolence, lived nonviolently, and died a nonviolent death except one: Christianity! Gandhi took the Gospel and his own Hindu texts seriously. He…

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