Nature Walks: Wakodahatchee

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Night Heron

Nature Walks: Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Sept. 9, 2019

Finally, after quite a hiatus, I went out on a bird walk. The wetlands were pretty quiet today, it not being nesting season quite yet. The storks haven’t arrived yet, but I was able to spot quite a few of the usual suspects: egrets, herons, anhingas, and grackles. l’ll let the photos do the rest of the ‘talking’…

Great Egret

Little Blue Heron – observe the subtle coloration in the wings, just like a soft watercolor…

Four in a Row – Black-bottomed Whistling Ducks

Grooming female Anhinga, a fishing bird

Male Anhinga drying out after a swim

Great Blue Heron

Tri-colored Heron, actively fishing…

A posing Tri-colored Heron. I got quite close to this bird.

Nesting Cormorants

These were my best photos for today. I actually went to Green Cay last week, but my camera batteries died.

The weather remains hot…

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