Full Moon Update 9-13-19 – The Power Path


Full Moon is Friday, September 13 at 10:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This full moon supports a commitment to stretch your vision beyond what you know, see, think and believe. It is time to begin rewriting the story of oppression, futility, blame, darkness, self-destruction, greed, retaliation, vengeance, martyrdom and many other negative attitudes and positions we have attached ourselves to. Holding on to the familiarity of our dysfunctions is breeding suffering and despair. It is truly time to shift this to another level of a higher vibration and begin to look at what is possible instead.

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Weekend Notes 14-15 September 2019 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Mercury and Venus both move into Libra the 14th–not a big deal, but indicative of a general trend toward cooperation, toward seeking a partner, toward getting together to talk it out–and this in spite of an underlying disharmony on the 15th in communications and overall in relationships and relating. Too, on the 15th the ability […]

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Fall Colors in Fading Light

Laura Bruno's Blog

David and I have guests arriving from Amsterdam on Monday. Half-Dutch David has known Seth for 33 years, since his two years in Amsterdam after college, and they used to visit each other when David flew regularly to Europe for work. They’ve not seen each other in six plus years since David changed jobs, and I’ve never met Seth or his wife Dorothea. We’re all excited for this synchronously manifested time together.

From Monday, September 16 through Sunday, September 22, we’ll use our house as home base for all sorts of day trip adventures, and they’ll pass through again later the following week. All of which means I will have no session availability and very minimal email time for the next week. I will check emails at least once per day, and people can schedule sessions for later this month and into October. I won’t be blogging unless something really…

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Turning Over A New Earth.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Breaking the Earth open with the blade of the spade, turning it over, breathing the perfume it made.  That earthy peat smell, on a crisp Autumn’s morn, working with nature, harvesting plants from seeds born.

Watching the blackbirds pick freshly dug worms. While the underground world slithers and squirms with centipedes and millipedes and grubs so grotesque. There are Worlds within Worlds, all doing their best.   Surviving above as below, each has a purpose and a path to follow. The world keeps on turning like the Earth on the spade, while destiny dictates whose lives end or whose are made.

 Spiders webs glisten in early morning dew, a marvel of engineering you or I couldn’t do. The lesson in patience in a trap that’s been spun, I apologise for their destruction, all the webs I’ve undone.  Life is always changing, evolving to grow, we think little of the chaos or…

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Rose Rambles...

The energy and rays of Sirius are already coming in more powerfully & cosmic rays over the next couple days 15th/16th- many are feeling this or hearing the tones/frequencies/downloads.

I am still seeing visions of a fireball..or astroid, comet (for the last week, since the Jaguar Full Moon Portal video I posted. It’s a fireball with a long tail the shoots across the sky. I started seeing this 6-7 days ago nonstop.)

Those incarnating on the day Saturn stations direct 9/18 at 13 degrees- will have a rare and special blueprint within their chart- the Star of David/Seal of Solomon between their MC, North Node, Pluto, Ascendant, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Neptune. Which can by symbolic of portals of consciousness being activated within the collective & the Heart Chakra (I’ve been getting messages about the Planetary Heart Chakra activating) The Hexagram has been used in magic, and ancient times- worship of…

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