Dimensions of Disclosure 2019, Joan Wheaton’s Notes from 8-23-19, MICHAEL SALLA (#DoD2019)

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Again, courtesy of Joan Wheaton, here are notes from Michael Salla’s 8-23-19 presentation.

“…along with the triangles, our government has flying rectangles that can be cloaked (they are weapons platforms)… The Hawaiian missile incident, which was intended to start a nuclear war, was a false flag attack…the missile was shot down by the A-r Force S-cret Space program…the flying rectangles were probably used for this…placing space assets into a Space Force would curb future false flag attacks by the de-p state…

“…the creation of a Space Development Agency will curb Transnational Corporate SSP…a Space Operations Force will make it very difficult for rival space programs led by the Antarctic Germans, De-p State, and corporations to secretly recruit US military using TDY/TDA and “twenty and back” assignments…

“Space Force will allow a lot of new technology to be released…documents will be leaked/released to disclose the scientific principles behind anti-gravity and…

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