Earth Just Got Blasted with Highest-Energy Photons Ever Recorded ~ August 13, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Hmm…I think another post was made today here commenting on the Earth now receiving massive amounts of energy from galactic sources. This report from Daboo77 presents scientific evidence of photonic gamma energies which certainly reinforces spiritual folk who know this energy is needed to erase the dark from Planet Earth who cannot exist in high vibrations.

Are you following daily Schumann Resonance energies? When cosmic energies arrive, the Earth “rings like a bell” emitting Schumann Resonance energies which, like cosmic energies, affect how humanity feels physically (headache, tired) and emotionally, all symptoms of “Ascension symptoms”, and these energies have been more prevalent than ever the past few days.

So…please be aware that although current time of chaos may escalate a bit further as the Earth shakes off darkness in education, medicine, industry, government, and perhaps the end is in sight when all of humanity will BE…



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