Kp Message 8-12-19… “We have the choice to follow ‘the Higher Plan'”

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“The Energies” after the 8-8-19 Lion’s Gate deal, in general feel like they have “ramped up” and “ramped out”, in many ways. I’m noting a fair amount of “chaotic node” types of stuff happening around my own personal arena, with somebody water-jet-cleaning (with a loud as h— generator) their house for two days after I returned, and today my own land guy is weed-whacking the grass (with a loud as h— gas powered device). Yesterday at Kona Coffee and Tea, there were a very NOTICEABLE (namely loud as h—) motorcycles running around.

So what’s all that about?

To me it indicates that we have “done our jobs” in opening and unveiling the hidden elements that are asking to be cleared away. There may be other things involved, but that’s definitely part of it

Personally, I’ve felt that there are continuing indications that I am going to be undergoing a physical…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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