7-20-19 VIDEO… “Jonah (The GANS Man) on BBS As You Wish Talk Radio” (with James Gilliland, of course)

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Jonah showing apple tree (with GANS necklace wrapped around trunk) that has dramatically improved production (of apples)

[Update 1: there is a Keshe Wiki page for the GANS technologies, where one may learn more, and/or search for specific items or protocols for conditions that GANS has helped with.] [Update 2: I found the “catch up on a little current events” very interesting as well.]

This is quite an excellent presentation about a very significant technology, and how it is being used at ECETI for health transformation beds and chairs, plus improving the growth of trees, plants, and even their feral cat, which was transformed from sickness to wellness via one of the GANS bracelets. The GANS plasma applications begin at about 18 minutes. The first part is some “current events” discussion.

Jonah and ECETI have created a number of products they sell, including necklaces, bracelets, and health pens, on this…

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