What You Seek More Than Answers | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

There is the persistent idea in the world that you have to understand. Trying to understand, you spin your wheels. You take up unnecessary time with questioning. Seek further knowledge of what interests you. There may be a reason. At the same time, you don’t have to understand the workings of a motor in order to drive a car.

Where did you get the idea that you have to understand everything? Trying to make sense of everything makes no sense at all. Then striving to understand becomes a stumbling block.

Is it not true that you would like to understand everything? Big or little, it doesn’t matter, you crave to understand. “Why do I have this freckle on my nose? Why did my girlfriend leave me? How could she? Why didn’t the sun come out today? How did life come to be? And what am I doing here?…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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