High recognitions . . . If obstacles present themselves welcome them joyfully


Therefore become spiritually free! Burst all the fetters that hold you down! If obstacles present themselves welcome them joyfully; for they show you the way to freedom and strength! Look upon them as gifts from which you will benefit, and you will overcome them with ease.
Either such obstacles are put in your way to teach and develop you, in which case you add to the means of your ascent, or they are the reaction to some debt you have incurred, which you can redeem in this way and thus free yourselves. In either case they help you to advance. Therefore set out to meet them with a bold heart, it is for your own good!

Abd-ru-shin:  “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth)

Image source: Marianne Gillis https://www.facebook.com/marianne.gillis.773
Text source: Abdrushin https://www.facebook.com/Abdrushin-105355272968501/

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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