Pluto/Moon Conjunction: Exquisite Eclipse Reset! ~ July 16, 2019

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Editor’s Note: This is perhaps the best message I have read regarding the Lunar Eclipse today as it resonates strongly within me. Not only the eclipse, but the Full Moon is alsoconjunct with Pluto bringing that which has been hidden up to the Light.

This works for both things you have hidden out of fear, as well as things obscured in Love. In either case…it ALL comes out bringing a new sense of personal evolution as “issues” are finally settled,

Your job? Let it go, erase the pain, bask in a new sense of personal FREEDOM and be…



By Tania Gabrielle

July 2, the potent total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer asked you to
set a new foundation of security, especially emotionally.

This New Moon opened the door to new beginask in a new sens ofnings setting the stage for your next six months.


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