The Eradication of Negative Polarity in the Milky Way

New Earth Knowledge

Duality and polarity are not universal concepts. Negative polarity, specifically, is an experiment that our galactic consciousness implemented in order to see how consciousnesses within the games of this galaxy would overcome it. Now it is being eradicated in full; and if you’re reading this and resonating with these concepts, you’ve incarnated on Earth at this time to bear witness to — and assist in — the permanent removal of negativity from the Earth experience.

Understanding Negative Polarity and Why it Exists

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Throughout the cosmos, each Galactic Consciousness is responsible for establishing the rules of its construct, of its galaxy. The challenge is to create new and exciting games within which consciousnesses can experience. The relatively young Galactic Consciousness within which the Earth construct exists created a new and previously unthought-of rule for its constructs — a rule that would impede ascension and create a desire to overcome it:POLARITY.

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