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THE RED PILL 2016 (Earth Alliance)

Posted By: Mr. Ed

Date: Thursday, 11July 2019 04:21:08

Wakeup & Ascend アセンションの道

Posted July 9, 2019 by TheRedPill2016

Dr Sam mugzzi

1. George says, the Prime Ministers for earth, are here and in position.

2. The great event happened last weekend.

3. The frequency changed on this planet and we went bump into a new timeline. (the dark ones cannot go forward on this path we are on now!)

7. The earthquakes were about getting rid of the “operation paperclip” hidden military underground bases.

The one at Ridgecrest was 5 miles down and where they made the bioweapons and laser plasma weapons. There was a portal there to the moon.

8. The underground base on China Lake housed stolen children where they lived in cages and were mind controlled.

9. The Universals are on…

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