The Secret to Self-Healing: It’s All About Vibration ~ June 14, 2019

Rose Rambles...

ByNanice Ellis

Contributing Writer forWake Up World

Have you ever wondered about the “real
reason” we get sick or why some of us are more susceptible to germs and
even cancer cells? No doubt, if we could identify the primary cause of
illness, we would have the secret to health and healing.

Although modern medicine may proclaim to
have all the answers, traditional doctors have no way to explain how
thousands of terminal patients spontaneously heal against all odds. In
fact, the Remission Project catalogued more than 35000 medically reported cases of spontaneous remission worldwide.

Not only did these terminal patients
defy the constructs of modern medicine, most importantly, they overcame
the perceived limitations of the body. But, why are these self-healed
patients the exception rather than the rule?

Even though we’ve all experienced the
body’s innate ability to heal minor issues, such as skin abrasions,
bruises and…

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