Earth Smoke Bone Song: the inspiring work of Jade Moon

The Life,Musings and Experiences of a Modern Witch

I am very excited to share with you the inspiring work of (and person that is) Jade Moon.

looking comfy in her studio

Jade is one of those women I have always admired; not only for her incredible talent and spirituality, but for her kindness and honesty too. We met about 8 years ago through mutual friends and although we don’t see each other all that often, whenever we do, conversation and caring flows freely between us.

Jade makes Jewellery (among other things). However, I never feel that accurately describes her pieces. They are magical talismans, carefully put together in her gorgeous studio. Imbued with particular attributes fit for their purpose; symbolized in bones, beads, pressings from places of spiritual significance, shells etc. She makes commission pieces which can be for a particular spirit, animal guide, experience, deity, story, journey… honestly, the list goes on and on. She also creates…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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