The Splitting of Multiple Timelines | Ascension Energies

Gabriel F. DuranIf you are a frequenter of YouTube you have probably seen videos that depict two suns as the sun is setting on two different locals within the horizontal plane. Or perhaps a shadow or a “division” in the sky that depicts a definite difference in “light” as if there is a dividing line in the heavens. Or, in some cases like a video captured here… you can see two identical vehicles with the exact same license plate driving side by side. What is this? What are we witnessing? Should we be concerned?

Source: The Splitting of Multiple Timelines | Ascension Energies

The Earth Plan: Amanda Lorence Update ~ 30 June 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


It feels we are in a space…of NO TIME.

Incoming Energy INFLUX is still on going. I feel it won’t stop either, just yet. We are anchoring this energy to Gaia and for All, some in conscious awareness, some not aware this is what they are doing. Each are contributing as their energetic frequency is able.

Source: The Earth Plan: Amanda Lorence Update ~ 30 June 2019

New Moon Update 7-2-19 – The Power Path

This New Moon is about the heart, your truth, your emotions, and working with what you carry in your bones and blood from your ancestors, your imprinting and your own personal lineage of lifetimes. The New Moon time is made more powerful by the Solar Eclipse which is a total one visible in some parts of the world. The energy of this eclipse is one of commitment and discipline as you make choices to eliminate, change and start something new. We can’t stress enough the need for clearing, cleaning, eliminating and completing as a way to create the space needed for something new.

Source: New Moon Update 7-2-19 – The Power Path

Accept Peace



Slow down
You may have found yourself running around trying to achieve
In an attempt not to deal with some pain
And slow down
You may have made some progress
It is likely you have done yourself some good trying to turn a painful situation into creating more positive in your life
But there is also a need
To allow that which needs to come up.
Not the rehashing of what has occurred
But the deeper meanings
If you allow yourself some quiet time
You allow for processing
You may have been through quite a lot of scenarios by now in your life and you have a lot of life experience to look back to.
You may also begin to connect the dots
Especially if you have been doing your conscious inner work of growth.
We are heading towards a solar eclipse
Energies at the moment together with your…

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Jenny Schiltz – Large energy wave coming in – 6-29-19

Higher Density Blog

Large energy wave coming in

Jenny Schiltz – Large energy wave coming in – 6-29-19

Wanted to drop a quick note on the incoming energy wave. It is huge. I was shown this wave as I gazed on the Atlantic ocean as we hiked around Merlin’s cave in Tintagel, UK in mid-June. The wave on the Solstice was a precursor to this. Also on the Solstice, I noticed a beautiful pink mist coming in. This mist opens the heart and soothes the soul.

For the wave coming in, I was told that it is designed for us to break through our personal illusions. To see where we have held onto fear and limitations. The amount we are able to “see” and move through will depend on how much we can handle. It’s like we get taken to the furthest edge we can handle physically and emotionally.

We know the drill… listen to whatever the body…

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