The Time of the Spiritual Warrior Has Arrived! ~ May 26, 2019

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Editor’s Note: Thanks to Prepare for Change for this one. Please read, understand your spiritual role as the future evolves, and be…



By Openhand,

Never before in the history of our planet have we
been faced with such crisis and challenge: from climate change to the
invasion of SMART technology, from environmental degradation to the
growing war on consciousness. It’s enough to cause some people to shrink
back in their shells, but for many, the converse is true: challenge
inspires the emergence of soul, the catalyst to break apart the
constrictive mold. The time for playing it small in our shell has long
since shattered. Our times call on a new emergent breed of Spiritual
Warrior to step up and step out…

Extinction Rebellion

I was greatly heartened recently byExtinction Rebellion’s full-on but peaceful proteststhat
brought the City of London to a standstill for a week…

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