Do You Understand? Things Are About To Get Real ~ May 26, 2019

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Do You Understand? By Teri Wade.

Do you understand what’s happening in your world right now I mean do you really understand?

If not strap the hell on because things are about to get real.

Do you understand that there is an Earth Alliance liberating humanity
and removing a hidden alien manifesto, crime syndicate called the Cabal
that has been enslaving humanity for millions of years.


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Do You Understand? Earth Alliance

Earth Alliance

Do You Understand?

Do you understand the entire Western financial system is based
on Fiat currency with little to no assets backing any financial
transaction ever made since the 1600s.

Do you understand that your family has always been in grave danger,
your savings accounts are all bogus, but all your current checking
accounts are valid.

Your labor has been wasted, your home illegally mortgaged, your
physical and mental health in constant jeopardy and…

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