Seeding period, Vibrational Dimensions, Earth Colonies gatherings

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This post contains two parts, one regards NEW EARTH (Seeding period, Vibrational Dimensions, Earth Colonies, Soul Tribe Assignments and Physical location, Codes & Activation of Key holders, Heavenly Mothers/ Feminine Principles, Wombs of Creation on Earth, Architect of New Earth.

The second part is about Serena’s journey and Pilgrimage of Heart and her next phase.

Seeding period, Vibrational Dimensions, Earth Colonies gatherings

For the last few months, it has been a deep seeding within collective consciousness. The coming waves has been integrating in Divine’s Micro and shaping a Macro within soul groups, tasks and assignments. At the same time the contrasts within LIGHT/DARK between Light Communities/WORKERS and Beings has been constantly appearing as a collective SHADOW and through many dramas, chaos, physic  attacks and WAR WORMS has been and still releasing from all forms of life including our Human vessels, and Earth Magnetic Field which was effected through Human stories…

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