Immense Energies This Week- Ramona Lappin

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The Energies this week have been IMMENSE. We’re seeing old Timelines / realities collapsing HUGE as New Earth organic Timelines are anchoring. It’s happening simultaneously and constant awareness of ones thoughts, beliefs, words and actions are very important as we shift from one Experience to another. Continuous tests and triggers testing us in our mastery of the embodiment of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

This is not something that just happens to us, this takes constant observation, transmutation amd adjustments. We have to realize any old programs still running that may be re-creating the old. Any limiting habits, behaviors, thought patterns, beliefs and relationships based in distortion and not in allignment with our highest Expression are becoming very obvious. Anything that is not in alignment with the New Earth New Divine HUman version of us, all that is not authentically us, is becoming very visible along with all other distortions…

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