Comfrey *symphytum Officinale*

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Comfrey is another one of those common plants we see everywhere but for whatever reason, it has fallen out of favour as a remedy in modern times. As soon as I started putting this piece together along with some balms and remedies to aid a friend (post to follow), it was suddenly required by 4 people in my life. I am, of course, always happy to oblige though it left my stores a little low and then…TAADAAA! Along comes an abundant wild patch I’ve never discovered before. Now is clearly the time for me to acquaint you with it.

Comfrey’s folk name is Knitbone (also,Boneset, knitback and bruisewort); a clue as to its uses. It has powerful healing properties including Allentoin, which increases white blood cell production and Mucilage which is an anti-inflammatory. I only use it as a topical remedy as regular internal use is not recommended due to…

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