Twin Flames and the Dark Night of the Soul

Hearth Witch

There’s a lot of dangerous mythology about twin flames which I want to talk about in this article. Most people think it’s “divine love”, which it is, but that’s an overly simplistic definition.

I refer to “twin flames” as “twin souls” because it takes the romantic charge out of it and gives a more accurate picture.

At the dawn of the universe, mother-consciousness gave birth to a myriad of souls. Some were singular but some split within their embryonic sack and came out as dualists twins. Their energy is the same, but opposite.

Like quantum entanglement they can never be truly separate. They vibrate on the same frequency and mirror one another in an endless dance seeking reunion and wholeness.

This doesn’t mean that free-will isn’t also in play, not to mention karmic debts which have to be settled or hard lessons to learn.

Coming into union before all of…

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