Phoenix Rising ~ Metamorphosis is Happening in Your Perceptual Field ~ May 21, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Marcia Sisterstar

Hello, Beautiful,Metamorphosis and transformation is what’s occurring in your perceptual field today. In the sky within and around you, the Sun and Mercury are conjoining. Their meeting is transforming our messenger planet — whose energy you use to perceive what’s really going on — from a young, impetuous Morning Star to a wise and brilliant Evening Star. 

Gemini, where the Sun-Mercury conjunction is happening, is no
“ordinary” degree. It’s the home of Alcyone, the brightest star of the
Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, fabled in ancient traditions across the
planet. These stars have long been seen as having a unique feminine
potency — and a special role in the Universe. The earliest surviving
lore connects them to the ecstatic bliss of the Goddess. By 2,000 years
ago, though, the Egyptian astrologer Ptolemy was referring to them as
“the sorrowful sisters.” Alcyone, brightest of them all, has a

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