OPEN HAND – 5D Shift – Stepping Out and Daring to be You – Where’s Your Loyalty? – Submitted by Open – 2-8-19

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The time is now. This is it.

Peel off the blinkers and see reality the way it really is. Dramatic change is building across the earth, that will ultimately put paid to the reality construct we’re living in. The threads are ALREADY unwinding. Where’s your loyalty in the shift? Be careful it’s not stuck in the Old Paradigm, in no mans land. It’s okay to still have one foot in the old reality, on the old bank, but do be absolutely clear where you’re headed. Reality creates around what you believe and where you put your attention. It’s time to step out and be you. The Real You!…

The Granite Mountain

It’s spiritual old hat to say ‘everything is consciousness’. Nevertheless it is!
Everything is created of it. Even the granite mountain, that looks immovable, will at some point unwind.
And as pliable as it can…

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