MIRA from the PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL – Channeled by Valerie Donner – via amparo alvarez @ Ashtar Command Crew – 5-20-19

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Valerie Donner


Greetings, I am Mira.

You are maneuvering in a time of paradox. What you thought was true is no longer. You are learning to embrace life differently. Have you noticed how much what you believed is falling away? This is part of the ascension process. You must learn how to embrace new truths in every aspect of life. The third dimension is no longer the important energy or way of living. It is old energy. This is part of the reason that many are being guided to let go of things, relationships, jobs, issues, beliefs and what is no longer serving them.

Your higher dimensional selves are presenting themselves. You are becoming new through and through. We think you will like who you are becoming. As the old falls away you will be happier beings. You will welcome every opportunity to explore who you are…

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