From Carbon To Crystalline – Teri Wade 5/21/19

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From Carbon based to Crystalline based…

Humanity is going through upgrades and restructuring from a Carbon base to a Crystalline base. It’s been an ongoing process and we are now becoming aware of what’s happening to us.

Due to these higher frequencies it’s happening faster than ever before and you need to invest in what’s happening to you. This is your own personal work and remember whatever triggers you is where you need to do the work. The faster these triggers are released from you the faster this transformation will advance.

The upgrades, rewiring and recalibration of our bodies depends on your light frequency. This work is individual and frequency specific to you. Those who work on clearing their system of fear, blocked emotion and dense energy are those of a higher vibration and now can receive higher frequencies of Light. Meaning, higher Light Data, information, insight etc.

What’s happening…

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