What is a Twin Flame?

Hearth Witch

What most people think of as a “twin-flame” is really more like a soul-mate or even a karmic relationship. Sometimes the easiest way to define something is to describe what it isn’t…

There’s nothing wrong with karmic or soul-mate relationships. They’re extremely important in their own ways and a soul-mate is potentially more fulfilling and stable than a twin-flame for long-term commitment.

If you’re looking for an easy, happy relationship, stick with a soul-mate. This is someone you can bond with, feel at ease with, and build a regular life with.

Karmic relationships are those stressful, anxious, often toxic relationships which are there to show you what love is NOT. Sometimes we have to go through a load of crap in order to realise our own worth and what is acceptable to us or not.

The karmic relationship is a valuable learning tool, but don’t waste too much time on…

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