2019 is Preparing us for a Wave of Ascension Energy in 2020 ~ May 16, 2019

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By Tanaaz

2020 carries some of the most potent cosmic energy we have seen in a long time and this is mainly due to the alignment of Pluto and Saturn, which peaks in January 2020.

alignment of these two planets is going to set the tone for the entire
year and our soul, along with Planet Earth is going to be learning how
to harmonize with this ultra potent energy.

There are so many significant alignments and transits happening in 2020, however in this article, I want to focus more on how 2019 is preparing us for this new wave of energy.

is coming in 2020 feels like a huge opportunity to ascend into higher
levels of consciousness. The vibration of the planet is going to be
shifting and rising, and as this energy draws closer, our spiritual
growth will be accelerated.

This is a huge ascension…

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