The Absolute Truth About What A Lightworker Is, From The Divine.


Hi my name is Dawn I have taken off the last 6 months to put all my energy into my journey. It paid off because I finished my lightworker journey. I will always be a lightworker but the hard part is over and life is very very easy now. I am completely healed with an integrated an fully healed inner child. So now the divine wants me to tell you what a lightworker really is because you haven’t been told the truth.

You may have been told a lightworker is someone who goes through life spreading light and love and being kind to whoever they meet. This is how they transmute negative energies around them and make everyone feel happy and loved. No, that is called being a good person which everyone should be anyways.

A lightworker is someone who has had their deep emotional connection with self broken by…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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