The Pleiadian Message- Teri Wade May 13 2019

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The Pleiadian Message…

The American Indian religious freedom act was passed in 1979. You might be asking yourself what do the Native Americans have to do with the Pleiadians. Well, up until that time the American Indians were forbidden to practice their traditional rituals and ceremonies. The stories and legends of the Native American Indians are encoded with Pleiadian influence.

It is said that the Pleiadians came to our planet long, long ago to incarnate as Starseeds to bring light and knowledge to this planet. So, I think it’s safe to say that many of us with Native American genes come from Pleiadian lineage. Like I say all the time, just connect the dots, it all connects… Meaning, there was a reason that they destroyed and annihilated the Native American culture in America. Their spirituality and knowledge was a threat to the Dark rulers plan.

The Pleiadians are here guiding…

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