Mama, You are doing enough: A discussion on attachment parenting.

Mama with Grace.

Me baby wearing because little girl wants to be held

I read a few articles the other day, which discussed the ideas of babies, especially those under 6 months, sleeping through the night. You can read the articles HERE and HERE.

It basically highlighted how pressured new moms feel from
other parents to get their babies to “sleep through the night”. The article also
dove into other pieces of “well intended” advice to new moms such as, “don’t
spoil your baby by holding them too much,” “don’t let them nurse to sleep
otherwise they won’t be able to sleep on their own,” or “just let them cry it
out a bit so they know how to self-soothe.”

Can I just say how much this bothers me? No offense as I know
these people who like to give advice are only doing it to well, be helpful and
give advice…

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