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Dear Radiant One, friend and co-creator,
may you be blessed with the connection to the Source within you,
to your peace, love and joy as you shine your light so bright.


I hope you are getting through the full on Schuman resonance shifts and solar flares, for those of us sensitive ones it has been super intense, and I know for myself I haven’t wanted to do anything but blob up until now, such is the integration process and our cellular rearranging going on. It’s been good to be knocked out and out of our own way so it can happen.
If you feel you need some support from the flowers, gems, stars and higher fdimesnional stars then see below about my Stargate, Earth Star, Starlight and Evenstar Essences.

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New Message from Yeshua: A New Day ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ 5-19-19

Our Emerging Divinity

image credit: pixabay.com

New Message from Yeshua: A New Day ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ 5-19-19

Audio:  YeshuaNewDay5.19.19

Dear Sweet Beings,

This is a new day. Yes, it is a new day every day for you, but I am referring to a New Day, brought in by the New Light … Always and forever spiraling into higher vibration and frequency and allowing you to reach higher and higher dimensions.

Your divine embodiment is a delight to see. It is taking you to places that you have not been before, or rather I mean, to places you don’t always remember. For to be fully embodied with your Divine Self, to be fully in Christ Consciousness, is something you came here to do at this time, from a calling and an intent birthed many eons ago, yet, the likes of which was not ever fully comprehended.

Some of you remember…

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