Speak With Your Body ~ April 21, 2019

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Editor’s Note: have you discovered your personal sovereignty? Do you realize you have “the authority to govern yourself”? This also includes authority over your health!

Tell your body to heal itself, and…it will! Claim your personal authority over yourself, watch miracles happen, and be…



By Sirian Heaven

message again shows how she takes actual happenings in my life or in my
friends’ lives as topics of her messages. This afternoon I had minor
problems with my teeth after eating a bit chocolate and Supreme Creator
told me to tell my body to heal itself, she knows how much I unlike
dentists. To use my flame for this too, to assist my body in this. The
problem has gone now. Later the Divine Mother made it as her message of

child, you can really heal yourself. My beloved daughter Gabrielle has
addressed this topic already…

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