Ascending Earth ~ April 21, 2019

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New Light Paradigm – Energy Update – 5.30pm AEST Saturday 20th April 2019

Dear Ascending Earth Masters,

It has been an interesting intense day today with much Ancient
healing to do with spiritual family whether birth or not also to do with
Shadow Goddess energies

I can see a huge white new path and off that are old dark paths
converging and being transformed into a new very large planetary life
path on a Universal Level

Its a letting go of so many old paths and with this letting go are old thoughts for a final release=cleanse – All facets

This past 48hrs has been very intense…I was laid up for 24hrs
yesterday, came and wrote and back to bed, now with me this is a very
big deal energetically nowadays as an Ascension Pioneer in both Spirit
and Soul = big things are going down…or more like UP =…

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