Kp Message 4-20-19… “Pardon me, but ‘the Energies’ are ‘off the charts’ and I’m feeling ‘zonked off my you-know-what'”

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Feel free to fill in your own “you-know-what” term(s).

This has been occurring part of yesterday, and ALL of today… and by that I mean, ALL of today. Holy crap!

I’ve been unwilling, unable, to really do anything, and it has felt very “flattening”. I’ve wanted to BE flat all day.

Do I know what’s going on? No. Do I “care” what’s going on. No. Am I willing to “go with the flow” of what’s going on? Yes.

All I can say here is that no doubt much exposure, clearing, transformation, is going on in the external, and the internal. Personally, I am going through this, on many levels. Some of these I am aware of, some I’m quite sure I am not. But I’m just allowing it to flow.

I had a dream recently (which I recall a part of) that had something to do with, and about…

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