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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

How much focus there has been on imperfection. How much attention have you put on imperfection? You have perhaps specialized in it. Imperfection may be the subject of your every thought, your imperfection, others’ imperfection, the imperfection of the world! Endless has been your focus on imperfection. What an expert you have become!

What would happen if you genuinely changed your focus?

Light would happen!

Love would happen!

Peace would happen!

What if you welcomed yourself and others to your heart? What if you saw without hindsight? What if you were okay? What if you accepted yourself and blessed yourself? Then it would be easier to accept and bless others, and so you would be twice blessed.

It is easy to find fault. There is no lack of fault to find in the relative world. Yet, why would you be interested in fault? How does fault-finding make you…

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