Biology Of Ascension ~ April 17, 2019

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biology changes continuously it’s the nature of the bodies in the lower
realms. Every seven years the cells in our bodies go through a death
and rebirth. But the DNA patterning remains relatively constant.

this Galactic shift our DNA patterning is mutating because of the
frequency fluctuations and this will make our bodies go through many
Ascension symptoms and many of you are experiencing them now.

all know the symptoms that come with this we’ve talked about it many
times and these symptoms are happening because your body is resisting
these higher frequencies, they’re foreign to our physical structure and
like I’ve said many times this transformation isn’t going to be easy
especially on a physical level.

kind of like when we ingest all the toxic chemicals in our drink and
food and wonder why we’re all getting cancers and disease. The…

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