The Old Adam & Eve of 3D Judith Kusel April 15, 2019

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The old Adam and the old Eve of the 3D, has to die so that the New Adam and the New Eve can be reborn. The higher and balanced versions – the 5th dimensional Adam and Eve.

The old polarity consciousness of the 3D, divided, separated, even separated self from the Divine.

The new Unity consciousness of the 5D, is AT-ONE, is in union, balance, harmony.

Yet, in truth Adam and Eve, first have to find the balance, harmony, within themselves, before this can manifest in their relationship with each other.

It is the letting go of al shame, blame, guilt: “You did this or that to me!” The fault-finding, the criticism, the woundedness, the judgement, and whatever else may be lurking there.

When Adam finally sees the perfection of Eve, just as she is, and loves and embraces her wholeheartedly and unconditionally, he sets himself free to experience ever…

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