Suffering & Ascension – Teri Wade April 13, 2019

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The higher frequency (Ascension energies) energies that we are being bombarded with lately are effecting all life…the awakened, the unawakened and the animal kingdom. We are feeling these higher frequencies with physical pains, higher emotions and extreme physical exhaustion. If you are not awake and aware it will lead you to think that something is seriously wrong, some may even go to the doctor for relief. But, it will pass in a day or two only until the next wave of these higher frequencies.

If the human species were not given these higher frequencies in waves our physical bodies would not be able to handle it. It takes these higher frequencies to give the human species it’s upgrades. These Ascension energies are replacing the dense physical energies in our cells. Meaning, we are getting an upgrade to our DNA, our cellular memory. Remember, serious energetic upgrades while remaining in…

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