Earth Free Will Planet – The History of Earth

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Earth Free Will Planet – The History of Earth. By Teri Wade.

The mixing of the DNA codes by these negative ET groups (Draco, Greys
ect.) with the evolving Earth souls through energy transmissions and
mass incarnation corrupted the whole Pleiadian experiment.

Hence, came the ego-based mentality who wants control and power over others.

Are you seeing what happened to our planet when all the sudden the ego became in charge?


The initiation of nuclear weapons changed everything on this planet and in our galaxy.

Earth is a Free Will planet and up until the invention of nuclear
power and the complete destruction of Maldek these positive factions
could not get involved but that has changed.

The souls who are in a calibration of 4th and 5th density automatically enter a vibrationally protected field.

Earth Free Will Planet

Free Will

Earth Free Will Planet

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