Beyond Belief: Acquiring True Spiritual Growth

Journey of Illumination

Spiritual Ascension is more than a matter of Belief

A quick glance at the most popular New Age social media postings reveals something quite astounding: most postings are aboutbelievingthat life on earth will improve for humanity – if we can onlyhold the faith and belief for it to happen.

As Spiritual Teachers of Ascension Mastery we can assure anyone who is concerned about their higher spiritual growth that belief and having faith is essential but for the truly awakened – one must know thatit is only the first step.

Faith is such an important part because thereal work of Ascension is a huge challenge. Once you realize how it actually works, how it affects your sense of self, how it can make you doubt your own sanity: you will want to quit doing any thing associated with “Ascending”. Once you experience the lifting…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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