Some days are slower than others
We are going through major clearing
Time and space is needed to allow for this important clearing
Old dense energy needs to be released for more of your light to be integrated
Do not be disheartened
Allow the process
Allow for low key days
And flow with what is
The less you get upset
The easier things will pick up
The more you are at peace
The more you allow what is meant for you to flow to you
Be gentle with yourself
Take it nice and slow
Tend to little simpler things
Understand that your energy has to adjust
With all the changes taking place
All is well
Even when things may seem a bit icky or stuck
Or even maybe difficult emotions arise
Just flow as you can
Rest up as possible
Things Are definitely moving
Even when you think theyre not

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.