Mahala’s Astrology – Planet Alert April 2019 ~ Aptil 8, 2019

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Mahala’s Astrology

Here we are in April already and today is the New Moon which happened
at1:50 AM PDT April 5, 2019. I love the month of April because it is
so beautiful here in Seattle. Today it was pouring down rain and it felt
really cozy. April showers bring May flowers. The grass is pretty and
green this time of year and the trees are almost in full bloom with
their beautiful white and pink blossoms. I am very grateful to be living
in such a beautiful city.

Last month on March 16-17 we received a very strong wave of high
frequency energy. I really felt that energy because a beam of light hit
me in the head on the morning of March 16 when the Schumann Resonance
hit 130 Hz. That beam really knocked me out and I am just now recovering
from that energy. It…

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