The Shadow

A Cosmic Ride

After a hiatus of some months – I have decided to return to writing on this blog.  The break was necessary, as life is, I have learned, a continual process of absorbing information and integrating it to become knowledge.  We cannot hope to be effective communicators without allowing the natural ebb and flow of this process.  Absorbing information takes time. Integrating it – even more so.  On another level, the break provided space to reconcile the perennial dilemma: is this just ego?  And, maybe I do have some insights others might care to hear.  My reconciliation: a pursuit that gets my creativity flowing is writing. Another is the study of spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics, life and what the hell we are doing with it.  Why not indulge that and discipline myself to put down in words the ever greater levels of my personal journey of awareness?  And so this foray in…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.