Energy Update: The Past Week Brings In Downloads From Higher Realms/Enhanced Psychic Connections – Diane Canfield April 5, 2019

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Blessings Beloved Tribe,

Energy has been coming in this last week wild and strong. Right now we are experiencing high solar wind which causes all kinds of energy issues. This year has been an energy blast from the very beginning !

Yesterday my legs felt so heavy I could barely move. I had plans to go out of the house but I could not leave the house. This has not happened in a while ( since 2013) yet 2019 is bringing in all kinds of new energy for us to experience. I had to delay my plans until the energy left which was late last night. Do not be afraid to start making your plans around energy as this has to be accepted first and taken care of. We do this by resting and acknowledging the energy surges. Grounding is also very helpful as I have talked about for many…

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