April Ascension Symptoms Kwana Mikaela April 5, 2019

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First week of April literally blast with amplified emanations from Great Central Sun via our Solaris, and we are entering in the next Big stage of forward preperation for Solstice in June. These steps we take are with new dynamics month after month, and they build up more intense as well immense environment for us. For Expansion. For deeper dive Within.

4 April itself – 4/4 – is Grand Activity.


Profound upgrades in our cellular structure (physical vessel) as well lots of activations in every diamond core – cell within Crystalline Light Body leads to various types of sensations, we can experience. Some of it:

• Most common physical simptomatic:

Super tiredness/exhaustion/lessening of physical strength/vessel needs longer time for realignment, adaptation, rest (calm state physically), time to make required changes in order to function according to present energetic.

Tiredness we (many of us) experience comes…

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