Changing Times- Teri Wade April 4, 2019

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Changing Times…

The Pleiadians have been given full authority and in charge of Earth due to the terraforming of the Earth before Atlantis and Lumeria and having the majority of the genetic stock in the human race will once again be in charge of establishing Universal Law.

This will mainly be done through our consciousness and energy waves. There has been a liberation movement towards Universal Law but because of the prime directive or the Non-interference policy because of free will has limited the progress.

But, due to the extreme negative energy here on Earth the Draconian grid is being removed because of the extreme danger they have created for the human race and Earth. The malevolent forces will be rounded up, this is a multidimensional operation.

There is so much inhumanity that has fallen into the hands of these malevolent non-human off world beings and their human counterparts. Their…

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