Cellular Activations/Upgrades and Shifts – Amanda Lawrence April 4, 2019

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This IS a period of extreme cellular activations, impressive upgrades, shifts, increased data downloads. Received into you’re physical vessel and into your awareness.

Each process differently. So it’s about looking at YOU, how best you process new data, new activity, how physically sensitive or in tune you wish to be to YOURSELF and choosing whether to BE with these current energies that present GIFTS of DATA and UPGRADE. Or whether to be unaware, distracted away from what’s being given. It’s just choice, and there’s literally no right or wrong.

When we are each in our NOW moment, in the PRESENT moment, THAT is the energetic space we can learn, notice, gain understanding, decipher intel/data, observe other dimensional spaces, hear high frequency bandwidths, see etc.

Some prefer to be amongst others in a NOW moment of gaining data or experience, some prefer a solitary space to be in the NOW…

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