Energy Update Natalia Alba March 29, 2019

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Beloved Ones,

We are entering into a new energetic month. With April we begin now the second phase of this year, moving from the Yin essence that starred the first months, especially during March, to the Yang one that will govern this month of April, with its Aries frequency. The wheel of life has rotated again and now we move from mastering and integrating all the wisdom received from our past challenges, with the last sign of the zodiac, to initiate ourselves again in this endless evolutionary soul journey, with Aries, who leads us into a new cycle with the strength and wisdom regained in the depths of our being.

The essence of April is represented by the 16 universal number – 7 reduced. Number 16 is represented by the tarot card of the Tower, which is destructive for many, but to me, it simply means the conscious change or…

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